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Weathering the Storm:
Why the public sector is key to Ontario's economic recovery


The current recession did not start in Ontario, but it is hitting us hard.


Job losses in manufacturing, mining, forestry, transportation, and construction have slashed incomes. Families are hurting. Demand for goods and services is down; so are tax revenues. This is putting pressure on government budgets, public services, and the people – all


Ontarians – who depend on them.


Some pundits say that now is no time for public spending. With tax revenues falling, they say government should cut spending, cut wages, and cut public services.


This approach would be counterproductive in the extreme. The public sector is vital to our well-being. It provides public services we need, and public sector jobs mean economic stability for families and communities.


OPSEU believes the public sector is key to Ontario’s economic recovery. The points on the following pages should be foundation stones of government strategy in the 2009-10 budget and beyond.

1: As demand for private goods and services slumps, demand for public services spikes.

 2: The more we support local demand for goods and services, the faster the recovery will be.


3: Public sector spending supports the economic well-being of Ontario families and communities.


4: The public sector must take the lead in planning for economic success.


5: Ontario needs a deficit recovery plan that distributes the cost of the recovery fairly.

Contributing to our communty:

" Unions will survive in our society because, although they are heir to all the faults of humanity, they are also the creation of humanity's highest virtues.They will find men and women with the courage to remedy their faults and realize new dreams. Through organization, working people will go on trying to realize the hopes that drew them or their ancestors to this country. And if workers in their millions cannot build a better Canada, it can never be built."  
Desmond Morton and Terry Copp. -historians

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