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OPSEU Local 317 Muskoka


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Meeting Minutes 10-APRIL-03

In attendance:  Roxanne Barnes, Eric Roth, Paul DeViller, Amber Dubciak, Ed Fitzgerald, Len Hoare, Mike Walsh
Meeting called to order 7:10
Item: Adoption of Agenda
Discussion: Items added: membership centre, general meetings, AGM
Action: Motion to accept agenda by Ed Fitzgerald, 2nd by Amber Dubciak, carried.
Item: Review of Minutes for March 20/03
Action: Motion to accept minutes by Paul DeViller, 2nd by Ed Fitzgerald, carried.
Item: Treasurers Report presented by Paul DeViller
Action: Motion to accept report by Ed, 2nd by Eric Roth, carried.
Item: Convention
Discussion: Leah Casselman elected as president, Smokey Thomas as V.P., Bob Eaton as 2nd V.P. and Chris Madill as highest ranking female. Mike Walsh shared his experience of his first attendance at convention and reports that it was a great experience.
Item: Labour Council Educational
Discussion: Will take place Nov.8/03.  Courses not yet announced, Roxanne will advise at a future meeting.
Item: Grievance committee training
Discussion: Roxanne did proposal, but has not factored in the cost yet due to possibility of membership centre being up and running. 
Item: Report from Strategy Committee
Discussion: Letters are finished, however Roxanne needs to change the date for response to allow parties to have sufficient time to respond.  She will drop off letters to Amber for distribution.
Item: Retirees
Discussion: Ed has sent off 5 certificates to be plaqued, 1 is complete for Candice Geddes and other 4 to be expected in on Saturday.  Names of retirees to be in minutes when plaques are complete.
Item: Regional Educational
Discussion: Reminder that courses begin on 31-May-03 at Fern Resort in Orillia.
Item: AGM
Discussion: To take place at Riverside Inn in Bracebridge on 12-Jun-03.  Paul will ask Larry to organize.  Spirit Award nominations to be entered at next meeting.
Item: Meetings
Discussion: Amber requested meetings be every 2 months instead of monthly due to time restraints and amount of work involved.  Some members disagreed and suggested that Amber have help with the minutes when she is absent.  Roxanne will cover for Amber when absent.  Next meeting is 8-May-03 at Rainbow Motel in Huntsville and 11-Sep-03 @ Sloans in Gravenhurst.
Item: Membership Centre
Discussion: Budget passed at convention for membership centre in Huntsville.  Paul will send a request to Doris Middleton that our Local have a leadership role in startup and finding location.  Paul has a location in mind and is currently investigating.
Motion to adjourn meeting by Mike and 2nd by Amber.  Carried Meeting adjourned at 8:35 pm