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OPSEU Local 317 Muskoka


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Meeting Minutes 20-March-2003

In attendance: Roxanne Barnes, Eric Roth, Amber Dubciak, Peter McNeil, Barry Doyle, Jan Larsen, Don Evans, Kurt Allan, Paul Devillers, Doris Middleton, Bob Pollard, Judy Humphries, Janet Smith, Ed Fitzgerald, Mary Chassie, Larry Curley

Meeting called to order at 7 p.m.

Item: Introduction of guests

Discussion: Barry Doyle-Staff Rep, Doris Middleton-Alternate V.P. Region 3

Item: Adoption of agenda

Discussion: Roxanne suggested that item 6c be moved to the end of the meeting, so that Barry Doyle did not feel obligated to participate in discussion of this item.

Action: Motion to accept the agenda by Eric Roth, 2nd by Peter McNeil, carried.

Item: Review of minutes for 13-Jan-03 and 13-Feb-03

Action: Motion to accept minutes by Paul Devillers, 2nd by Don Evans, carried.

Item: Treasurers Report

Discussion: Paul Devillers distributed and reviewed the January 2003 report.

Action: Motion to accept report by Larry Curley, 2nd by Amber Dubciak, carried.

Item: Regional Meetings

Discussion: Election held, Pauline Tapping V.P., Doris Middleton Alternate V.P., David Chew EBM, Tim Hannah Alternate EBM.

Item: Update from Doris Middleton

Discussion: Regional educationals will take place the weekend of May 31st at Fern Resort in Orillia. Registration forms will be sent out soon. Some of the courses that are being offered are Health and Safety 2, Public Speaking 2, Stewardship 1 & 2, Newsletter, Collective Bargaining OPS, Treasurer/Secretary, and Pension trust which will be offered in the fall educational. Doris attended a week long educational at Port Elgin on pensions Other Unions were also in attendance and she says our pension is good in comparison. OPSEU is stressing involvement in provincial elections, targeting 24 ridings; there are 3 targeted ridings in Region 3. Doris also noted that municipal elections are significant. During convention 2003, the theme will be HIV and AIDS, donations and fundraising for this cause will be a major theme. Membership centre for Huntsville was passed by the Board and will be decided on at convention. If passed, the budget will be $12,000/year. Should the centre be approved, the general meetings would continue to rotate locations between Bracebridge, Gravenhurst and Huntsville. If approved a committee would have to be formed, including members from all Locals in the area.

Item: Grievance Committee Training

Discussion: Barry Doyle reports that Roxanne has to submit a proposal.

Item: Donation to Alice Hayes

Discussion: She was very involved in union activity, but is now caring for her granddaughter with Leukemia. Barry Doyle advised that $5600 has been raised thus far. Paul was asked about the budget, he advised we are currently at our limit for donations. Members agreed that this cause was a good exception.

Action: Motion to donate $100 to cause by Amber Dubciak, 2nd by Don Evans, carried.

Item: Certificate template and mugs for retirees

Discussion: Ed brought samples of the templates, some editing. Larry Curley brought the mugs, and provided one for Mary Chasie to give to a recently retired co-worker. Initiation of the certificate process to be responsibility of the entire membership. Members can notify Amber Dubciak of retirees. Suggestion made that this should be an item on the agenda for the AGM.

Item: Report from Strategy Committee

Discussion: Larry Curley advised that he was approached by Liberal candidate, Dan Waters. Larry agreed to an interview, and is to attend with Barry Radford this Saturday. The interview will be later posted on the Local 317 website. Members discussed the possibility that this may appear biased towards Liberal support and set a false representation of all of the Local 317 membership.

Action: Larry will discuss the issues raised with the strategy committee and determine what action should be taken.

Item: Convention election of President

Discussion: Candidates are Leah Casselman and Bob Eaton. Both candidates have websites where the delegates can educate themselves. Roxanne Barnes asked for input from the membership on voting. Members in attendance agreed that she should vote her conscience.

Action: Motion for delegates to vote for the candidate of their choice By Paul Devillers, 2nd by Ed Fitzgerald. Carried.

Item: Alternate attending convention 2003

Discussion: Eric Roth expressed that he would like to attend convention. Paul Devillers stated his concern for the financial situation of the Local and the rebuilding of the Strike Fund.

Action: Eric agreed with Paul and withdrew his request.

Meeting adjourned at 8:50 p.m.