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OPSEU Local 317 Muskoka


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Meeting Minutes 13-Feb-03

In attendance: Roxanne Barnes, Mike Walsh, Ed Fitzgerald, Paul Devillers, Larry Curley, Eric Roth, Barry Radford
Regrets: Amber Dubciak
Meeting called to order at 7pm.
Motion to accept the agenda, agenda was adopted.
Minutes of January meeting to be reviewed at our next meeting in March, 2003.
Treasurer's Report was given by Paul Devillers.
Motion to accepted the agenda by Barry Radford, seconded by Ed Fitzgerald, carried.
Discussion was held around the up coming regional elections in which we would be electing our board members to represent our region. The names of the members that announced they would be running was Pauline Tapping, Doris Middleton, David Chew, Tim Hannah, and Roxanne Barnes. Our local decided to support the following members Roxanne, Pauline and Doris.
Motion was put forth to support Roxanne for the board through executive moral, financial and material. This motion carried.
ODSP annual Dues: Discussion was held as to whether or not we would contribute to the division. Motion was put forth by Ed. Fitzgerald to pay the $100.00 annual dues, seconded by Paul devillers, carried. This is to be reviewed annually.
Marion Savory from the Hospital Division Larry is to set up a meeting with her.
Motion was put on the floor by Mike Walsh to donate funds to Bruce Stubbs one of the members that were killed in the helicopter crash. Motion seconded by Larry, motion carried. To donate $100.00.
Honourable mention that a member from MNR Bruce Gordon who was involved in the 1996 strike passed away Christmas Eve.
Grievance Committee Training: Staff rep was called and there has been no reply to ate.
Template for certificate was done by Ed Fitzgerald and Larry obtained the price of coffee mugs.
Decertification: Paul received an e-mail to post the decertification letter for those who do not have access to e-mail. We discussed what we should be doing with these notices if and when we receive them. We discussed sending an e-mail back to them and say thanks but no thanks.
Membership Centre: It has passed in our region to open a membership cnetre in Huntsville. This will be decided on at convention 2003. This centre can be used for meetings etc.
Next meeting March 20, 2003 in Gravenhurst, at Sloan's restaurant at 7pm.
Meeting adjourned at 9 pm.