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OPSEU Local 317 Muskoka


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In attendance: Roxanne Barnes, Amber Dubciak, Michelle Craigen, Ed Fitzgerald, Oliver Pastinak, Mike Walsh, Larry Curley, Don Evans, Mary Chasie

Regrets: Paul Devillers

 Meeting called to order

 Item: Adoption of agenda

 Action: Motion to accept agenda by Ed, 2nd by Oliver

 Item: Review Minutes of Nov and Dec 2002 meetings

Discussion: Honorarium amounts should be included in the Dec minutes, however the minutes on the website should not be edited to include this info.

 Action: Amber will edit the Dec minutes to include the amounts.

Motion to accept minutes by Don, 2nd by Oliver.  Accepted unanimously.

 Item: Treasurers Report

 Discussion: Larry brought the Financial Report for Nov/02 for review.  Don mentioned that the Local should have received another rebate from head office, however it was likely received in December.  Actual rebate amount to be clarified at February meeting.

 Action: Motion by Amber to accept Financial Report, 2nd by Larry, accepted unanimously.

 Item: Member Retirements

 Discussion: Roxanne suggested that Local 317 acknowledge retirees.  Suggestions were made to create a certificate to acknowledge their service. Also, give a mug with Local 317 on it and/or make the certificate into a plaque.  Ed advised the plaques are about $7 each.  Stewards would be responsible for updating Local on upcoming retirees.  Suggestion carried and to start effective January 2002.

Action: Larry will look into the cost of mugs and Ed will create a template for the certificate and bring to next meeting.

 Item: Meetings

 Discussion: Suggestion that meetings should be held every other month was explored.  Due to increased attendance at meetings and the social benefits to members, it was agreed that meetings should remain monthly.  The  next three meetings were scheduled as follows:

-         Feb.13/03 in Huntsville, at the Rainbow Motel ( Larry to book the room)

-         Mar.20/03 in Gravenhurst, at Sloans (date was changed due to March Break) (Roxanne to contact Peter McNeil to book the room)

-         Apr.10/03 in Bracebridge, at Tims Tap and Grill

 Item: Convention Elections

 Discussion: Convention is taking place Apr.3-5/03, this convention will involve the election of OPSEU president.  Elections were held: 1st delegate Roxanne, 2nd Delegate Amber, Alternate Mike Walsh.

 Item: Regional Elections

 Discussion: Board elections will take place for our region on Mar.8/03.  Elections held: 1st Delegate Roxanne, 2nd Delegate Paul, Alternate Larry

 Item: Grievance Committee Members

 Discussion: There are not members from each worksite to sit on committee, those interested should come forward by next meeting.  Tentative training date of May 3/03 for committee members and stewards, this training will likely be a full day.  An alternate date was set, for April 26/03.  A location will be discussed at next meeting after the date is finalized.  The date of training is up to OPSEU training staff availability.  Roxanne will look in to the funding for the training to see if we can access funds from the regional education fund.

 Action: Roxanne will contact head office to book a staff member to facilitate the training.

Item: Stress Workshop

 Discussion: Larry brought this item to last meeting and asked that attendees canvas their worksites for those interested in attending.  If no one expresses interested the item will not be pursued.

Item: Stewards List

 Discussion: Roxanne has not yet received a list of stewards for each worksite.  Members are asked to please have by next meeting.  

Item: MPAC (BPS) negotiations

 Discussion: Roxanne advised that BPS members of Local 317 are in contract negotiations and there is a great possibility of a strike.  Our local would be responsible for assisting both financially and with strike administration.  Tomorrow is Button Day, however head office has not yet provided our local with buttons.  Roxanne hopes to acquire some tomorrow.

 Action: Roxanne will attend their worksite in efforts to establishing a contact for strike preparation.

 Item: Meeting Adjournment

 Action: Motion to adjourn by Oliver, 2nd by Mary.