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OPSEU Local 317 Muskoka


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In attendance:

Larry Curley, Amber Dubciak, Paul Deviller, Len Hoare, Susan Smith, Mike Walsh, Jan Larsen, Kathy Kingshott, Warren Dunlop, Barry Radford, Eric Roth

Regrets: Roxanne Barnes, Ed Fitzgerald

Meeting Called to Order

Item: Adoption of Agenda

Discussion: Mike Walsh will chair meeting in Roxannes absence. Barry would like to add an item to the agenda regarding the Local 317 website.

Action: Item added and agenda accepted.

Item: Review minutes of November 7, 2002 meeting

Discussion: Minutes were not available

Action: Minutes to be reviewed at the January meeting

Item: Treasurers Report

Discussion: Paul presented financial report for July 2001 to June 2002 and financial report for October 2002. Other income for July/01 to June/02 report is due to the cruise and the cost for refreshments was not taken out until October/02, therefore it is shown on the October/02 financial report. Amber Dubciak and Ed Fitzgerald are to attend the Bank of Montreal in Huntsville to provide signatures, in order to have signing authority on the Local 317 account.

Action: Motion by Amber to accept financial reports, 2nd by Larry. Financial report accepted

Item: Honorarium to Executive

Discussion: Paul presented the item of paying an honorarium to the executive, past and present. The funds would be taken from the general account excess. The honorarium would be 2/3 to past executive and 1/3 to current. For more details regarding specific amounts for each position, please contact Paul. This honorarium would be gratitude for the personal time and effort executive members contribute to help Local 317 run smoothly. ( These figures should be in the minutes)

Action: Motion by Paul to pay honorarium, 2nd by Barry, Motion accepted unanimously to pay honorarium.

Item: Stress Workshop

Discussion: Handout provided to members in attendance. Workshop is facilitated by Joan Burton, Manager of Health Initiatives, IAPAA, Toronto. Larry would like to know who is interested in attending the workshop entitled "Psychosocial Hazards (stressors) in the Workplace". Number of interested members will determine availability, date and cost.

Action:Members are asked to present this to colleagues in their worksites.

Item: Website

Discussion: Barry advised that the first phase of a web-based project to increase awareness of who OPSEU people are and how they contribute to the community in Muskoka, is up on the Local 317 website. Invitations to view the site went to the following: OPSEU webmaster and the Orillia OPSEU office, Conservation Officers Association President, Jim McMullen and Webmaster, Dan Slater

Item: Hospital Workers

Discussion: Local 317 will provide support in respect to resources and strike management should they strike considering they recently had a strike vote of approximately 90%.

Action: Obtain the presidents name, of their OPSEU local.

Item: Next Meeting

Discussion: Next meeting will take place in Bracebridge at the Tims Tap and Grill, on 09-Jan-03.

Meeting adjourned to enjoy food and festivities.

Thanks Larry for supplying the goodies tonight and your creativity as always!

Taking Care of Business