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OPSEU Local 317 Muskoka


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In attendance:

Roxanne Barnes, Gail Shubrook, Bob MacDonald, Amber Dubciak, Ed Fitzgerald, Paul Devillers, Larry Curley, Kurt Allan, Peter McNeil, Margo Cain, Janet Smith, Janet Mattsson, Jan Larsen, Tracey Sylvester, John Van Geene, Vicky Fitchett, Carol Nicol, Diane Readman, Judy Humphries, Linda Devillers, Eric Roth

Item:  Agenda presented by Roxanne.

Action: Motion to accept agenda by Ed, 2nd by Gail

Item:  Review of 3-Oct-2002 meeting minutes

Action: Motion to accept minutes by Roxanne, 2nd by Ed, unanimous vote to accept minutes.

Item: Treasurers report

Discussion: Rebates from head office for month of September expected soon, these are received quarterly. Paul states that the rebates are substantial due to the size of our Local, we have had some new members recently that will further add to our rebates. Financial situation appears positive considering the length of the strike.

Action: Paul will make a printed copy of the final report for 2001/2002 available at meeting on 5-Dec-2002.

Item: CLC

Discussion: Reminder that 15 members from our region, are able to attend the college, contact Pauline Tapine of Region 3 if interested. Course calendar distributed to members. Expenses paid, however participants are responsible for taking time of work.

Item:  Divisional Update

Discussion: MOHLTC same MERC chair elected

MPSS Barry Scanlon is chair again

Culture Terry Downey remains chair

MCFCS Bob Eaton is chair, Roxanne Barnes is vice-chair

Additional information on MERC and possibility of new name on

Item:  Local Updates

Discussion: Corrections stress and fatigued with workload and expectations

MNR (Frost Centre) 2 new members added to our Local, 1 is a transfer and 1 is a new hire. After they began at the Frost Centre, another member quit. Current dispute whether to fill this vacant position, Eric is meeting with his manager to ensure that it is filled

Citizenship main issues are workload, morale and stress

Fire College concerns about management not filling positions after members are retiring, dependency on computers has lead to less efficient use of time (ie when system crashes), lots of burnout among members, rarely see managers present around worksite, computer police (internet site blocks) are preventing effective research

MCFCS workload issues, large area makes it difficult to accommodate area effectively due to travel time

MNR (High Falls) budgeting problems is leading to management asking members to provide a case for filingl vacant positions, possibility of retiring some fleet vehicles, conflict about limitations suggested for vacation time in summer, concern that members are spending the majority of their time in the office instead of patrolling and investigating violations, lack of supervision in respect to forestry, lax attitude from upper management about enforcement decisions

MTO new position filled in anticipation of a member transferring and another retiring, possibility of MTO and MNR amalgamating has resulted in concerns about management quality and loss of jobs, an air quality specialist found that there were high levels of CO2 in the office that may explain the recent complaints about eye dryness and sore throats, this resulted in the resignation of both health and safety inspectors

Health settlement for grievance still outstanding, it has been 2 years, no access to WIN or email due to portable office, classification grievances, concerns about H&S since they have received threats from clients and manager has done nothing about it and would not allow them to pursue police involvement

Item Grievance Committee

Discussion: Further explanation of expectations of committee members and training involved, benefits of having a member from each worksite in order to better argue case. Roxanne has still not received committee member names for each ministry and would like to have a list of names by the next meeting. Some members expressed concerns that regardless of effort grievances do not seem to be resolved, suggestion that at resolution to grievances be given a time frame

Action: John Van Geene from MNR (High Falls) volunteered for committee and Peter McNeil for MSG (Fire College)

Item: Steward List

Action: Roxanne requested that each site provide an updated list of stewards by next meeting

ItemCatholic School Board Strike

Discussion: Members of their union supported our lines during OPSEU strike and a donation was suggested.

Action: Motion by Ed to donate $100 to their strike fund, 2nd by Judy Humphries

ItemCalendar cards

Discussion: Larry will be putting MERC info on the back of the cards in addition to our mission statement.

Action: Larry will have the cards printed and bring to the December meeting.

Item: X-mas party

Discussion: No dance this year, x-mas party will be at the Rainbow Motel in the conference room and will take place on 5-Dec-2002 after a brief general meeting.

Taking Care of Business