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OPSEU Local 317 Muskoka


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Meeting Minutes 3-OCT-02

In attendance:

Roxanne Barnes, Eric Roth, Vicky Fitchett, Larry Curley, Amber Dubciak, Peter McNeil, Ed Fitzgerald, Mike Walsh, Kathy Kingshott, Len Hoare, Barry Radford.

Item: Agenda presented by Roxanne.

Discussion: Treasurers report absent due to bereavement in Pauls family.  Minutes of AGM are not required until following year AGM.

Action: Motion to accept agenda by Larry, 2nd by Ed, unanimous vote to accept agenda.

Item: Charitable donation request

Discussion: Roxanne received a request form Sandra Dosser (MNR) to help girls grades 7-12 attend a breakfast event to promote women and sports.  Dannielle Saugeau, coach of Canadas 2002 Womens Hockey Team will be speaking at this event.  Money will be used to cover the cost of breakfast and transportation.  Amount discussed in range of $50-$100.  Recognition by YWCA to follow.

Action: 1) Motion by Eric to donate $100 to this cause, 2nd by Ed, unanimous vote to accept that donation amount.  2) Barry will post this on Local 317 website for recognition.

Item: Medicare Rally

Discussion: Occurs on Saturday, October 19, 2002 at noon in Brampton and Ottawa. 

Action: Flyers distributed to all members in attendance.

Item: Leah Casselmans tour of the Province

Discussion: Ideas for her visiting our Local included: her attending the X-mas party, attending one of our monthly meetings.  Larry suggested inviting local media to attend event.

Action: Roxanne will speak with Leah or her assistant to discuss an appropriate event.

Item: Local Training and Adjustment Board

Discussion: Volunteers needed for committee members, contact Dawson Pratt if interested.

Item: Grievance Committee

Discussion: Request made to canvass worksites for members interested in participating in committee.  A representative from each Ministry is required and would be most beneficial if a representative from each worksite was on the committee.  If there is enough members interested we will look at providing an educational in the local fro grievance handling.

Item: Other business

1)     Upcoming meetings: 7-Nov in Gravenhurst, Peter to inquire about locations, Howard Johnson was suggested; 5-Dec in Huntsville, XMAS party to follow, Brian Wilson and Larry Curley to organize, board room at Rainbow Motel suggested.

2)     Canadian Labour College is offering educational sessions, regional office will sponsor 15 members from our region.

3)     Membership Centre being built in Midland, this will offer OPSEU members with a meeting place, information resources and access to office equipment.  There is now a possibility of a Membership Centre in the Northern part of the region.

4)     Election of OPSEU Board members taking place in Peterborough this year. 

5)     Frost Centre - mediation hearing to take place for WDHP matter, Head office is to pay for grievance expenses not Local. Eric to follow-up on this.

6)     Vikki Fitchett grievance regarding vacation time is ongoing

7)     Mike Walsh John VanGeene was officially elected as shop steward for High Falls MNR worksite.  10 people have put in grievances for being on stand by during the strike, these were dismissed at stage 2 of the process and now going to arbitration.  He also reports that a member has submitted a grievance regarding classification.

8)     Barry Radford if anyone would like to post or comment regarding the Local 317 website please email him.  He also advised that his Ministers executive assistant is transferring to Management Board to review strike and prepare for possibility of another strike.  He will post minutes on website after they have been edited for public viewing.

9)     Larry Curley advised that Dan Waters is new Liberal candidate for Parry Sound-Muskoka Riding.  Discussion on calendar cards, he will be ordering more for distribution to members for upcoming year.  He requested an updated list of stewards be entered onto website.  Reported that MNR has a wellness policy allowing an extra 15 minutes of personal time to encourage wellness in the worksite.

 Motion by Barry to adjourn meeting, 2nd by Vikki.

Taking Care of Business