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OPSEU Local 317 Bracebridge, Dorset, Gravenhurst, Huntsville, and Surrounding Areas . . . .


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Rules for Pickets

By picketing, we protect our jobs, build our own unity, and send a message to management and the community.

Misconduct on the picket line by a few individuals could cause us to be hit with court injunctions and could damage our image in the community.

Please observe the following rules. The Picket Captain has the authority to enforce these rules, and to remove anyone who does not follow them:

  • Report to the Picket Captain when you arrive and when you leave.
  • Be on time. If each group of pickets arrives on time, then everyone will be able to leave on time as well.
  • Dont leave your post until the next group is there to relieve you.
  • Carry or wear a sign, taking turns resting.
  • Dress casual but neat. Wear comfortable clothing and shoes, and be prepared for the weather. Do not carry anything that could be labelled as a potential weapon, even a pen, pencil or penknife.
  • Maintain a strong picket line to discourage scabs, but dont obstruct public use of the sidewalk or roadway.
  • Talk to people who cross the line and try to convince them to support the strike. Think about what would convince you if you were in their shoes.
  • Refer all strangers, media, employer representatives or police to the Picket Captain, even if they appear friendly. Statements make by uniformed pickets may be used against the union in court or reported in the media.
  • Report any unusual incidents to the Picket Captain, who in turn makes reports to Strike Headquarters.
  • If rumours threaten to disrupt the picket line, ask the Picket Captain to check them out with Local Strike Headquarters.
  • Rotate you rest periods so the line is always strong.
  • Do not enter the struck facility for any reason.
  • There will be no drugs, no alcohol, no weapons, and no violence on the picket line.
  • Dont litter or lounge in front of the building.

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