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Understanding Bullying in the Workplace 

Listed below are several links to research and information dealing with bullying in the workplace. This information is provided so you may better identify bullying when it is present, what you may feel if you are the target, and what you face when trying to cope or deal with the issue.

Bullying bosses do it because they can (Tor Star, July 2/04)

Warning: Bullies working overhead Employees now taking on bosses who torment 'Pent-up need to talk' about scourge of the workplace (Toronto Star, May 17 '04)

Bullying in the Workplace (Canadian Safety Council)

Workplace Bullying:Escalated Incivility By Gary Namie

2003 Research from The Workplace Bullying & Trauma Institute

U.S. Hostile Workplace Survey 2000 The Workplace Bullying & Trauma Institute Gary Namie, Ph.D., Research Director

FROM THE PLAYGROUND TO THE WORKPLACE, BULLYING HAPPENS BECAUSE IT'S ALLOWED By Susan Shaw, Director of the Office for the Prevention of Discrimination and Harassment

What You Can Do!

Here are some links to Workplace Harrassment and Discrimination Policy (WDHP) information that may be of use against "Bullying in the Workplace".

  • WDHP

  • Ontario Human Rights Commission

  • Equal Opportunity Operating Policy

  • Ontarians with Disabilities Act

  • Ontarians with Disabilities Act Useful Web Resources

  • Electronic Manual of Ministry Administration (EMMA)

  • HR Open Web

  • MyMCSS


Ontario's Human Rights Code at Work


OPSEU Harrassment & Discrimination Policy